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2023 NAC Change Process

The documents below will help you understand the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) change process that our Board is currently undergoing.  There are many steps to this project.  So far, we have completed the following steps - 


  1. Drafted proposed changes to NAC641B.
  2. Reviewed proposed changes with the Board and upon approval, submitted  the draft language to the Legislative Council Bureau (LCB).
  3. Held two public workshops to review these changes.
  4. Sent out small business impact surveys to licensees that identified as having a business license and to all the approved post-graduate internship sites.
  5. Reviewed R103-23 with the Board and the results of the small business impact survey.  Upon approval from the Board, will continue with the next steps in this journey.
  6. Received minor language revisions for the NAC changes from LCB - R10323RP1

So what is next?

  1. We are scheduled to present R103-23RP1 to the Commission on Behavioral Health on 02/15/2024.
  2. We are scheduled to present R103-23RP1 to the Interim Committee on Health and Human Services on 02/16/2024.
  3. Schedule a public hearing for March 20, 2024.